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Are you standing at the crossroads of your journey, realizing that true success means transitioning from doing it all yourself to skillfully leading a high-performing team?


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Visionaries, Founders, Owners, CEO's and NOW Executives



**THE LEAD LESSONS for Women** stands alone as the premier Leadership Guidance and Mentorship program, crafted for and by successful, visionary women. 

Whether your team is comprised of 2, 72 or 720 team members. We hold the keys to your leadership transformation and the shift you've been seeking.

Our unique blend of Digital Lessons and LIVE Mentorship-calls delivers the real-world practices you need for confident and consistent leadership.


**No More Solo Struggles**

Say goodbye to the endless trial and error loop of leading without a map.

Break free from the frustration and isolation that often accompanies it. **THE LEAD LESSONS** offer a proven path to intentional leadership, where you can finally lead with confidence and connection, leaving behind the struggle of navigating it all alone.


**Supercharge Your Vision's Promise**

High performing teams require highly skilled, high performing leaders. It's time to develop exceptional leadership prowess.

THE LEAD LESSONS for Women equip you with the tools and strategies to navigate the leadership landscape like a true visionary.


**Not What You Signed Up for? But Here You are Doing It**

Don't we know it! Like most women who find us, you are an 'unintentional' leader. You didn't mean to get here, but now you are.

And your team is relying on you to figure it out.

We'll show you how to be an Intentional Leader who trusts herself and them.

The future of your business hinges on your leadership skill.


Join us today and change your tomorrows.




From early in my career as a new leader, I learned that leading a team isn't as complicated as the 'experts' wanted me to believe. Heck, if I could figure it out, I know anyone can.

More importantly, I realized early on that WOMEN are born to be exceptional leaders. But most of us out there don't realize it. Instead, we question and doubt our intuition and judge our decisions until we feel depleted and confused.

I've figured out the Leadership is Feminine¬†Model‚ĄĘ and have taught¬†it to¬†thousands of women like you.

I can’t wait to help you uncover your leadership voice and confidence!

The secret to achieving the Promise of your Unique Vision isn't MORE of anything until you've implemented the BEST leadership and team practices to fulfill on that Promise.

We will teach you how the simple methods of the Leadership is Feminine Model‚ĄĘ and more¬†help Elite Visionary Women trust their own wisdom and intuition, say what needs to be said, eliminate the emotional team management rollercoaster and establish a clear, refreshed heading.¬†

Your dream is so important but team leadership can present unique and unexpected challenges... I don't want those challenges to prevent you from making the lasting impression you're here to make in the world. There is an approach to leading and building teams that will change how you think about the possibility of growing and scaling the Promise of your VISION!

Everyone has a leader inside. Some of us just need a little more help bringing that powerful leadership voice and confidence to life. Once you discover that side of yourself, you are free to be unapologetically you and build a business that is intensely aligned with who-you-are.

I believe my approach not only makes the world a better place, but it also shapes the people who experience this work in beautiful ways. Through my precise library of content and tools, I can help you make your own impact on the world around you.

Whether you’re seeking a broad overview of how to excel as the leader of your business or you are looking to learn how to solve for a few major challenges on the team, I look forward to taking this powerful journey together.

THE LEAD LESSONS: Examples of Monthly Topics

Every month, clients will access new Lessons featuring Self-study Video Tutorials, Reflective Guides, Questions, Processes, Practices for Implementation. Join us for a LIVE Mentorship Call to ask questions and get help!

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  • Lessons¬†are released¬†monthly.
  • Lessons¬†include an array of Video Tutorials, Reflective E-Guides and "Do"-Sheets for Team Integration.
  • Each month we'll provide a Mentorship Call schedule. Join a call with one of our Mentors to wrap the insights in the¬†lessons around your own unique experience as a leader of your business and team.

Take a sneak peek into some of the lessons below:

Ongoing LIVE support...



You aren't alone even though most days it can feel that way. When you join THE LEAD LESSONS you become a part of a very special, intimate community of women.

You need to make the ideas and insights we teach MEAN SOMETHING to your day-to-day decision making and team interactions. Join us for LIVE MENTORSHIP calls to get help and answers from other 7- & 8-figure entrepreneurs. We have worked with some incredible women as clients and now they are our Mentors!  Meet with them to hear steps you can take to implement immediate solutions.  


Unshackle from Micro-Management

Break free from the confines of doing everything yourself. Our proven strategies will empower you to trust your team and delegate effectively, liberating your time to focus on strategic growth.

Elevate Your Confidence

Discover how to embrace your unique leadership style, shedding imposter syndrome and stepping into your role as a powerful, trusted leader.

Ignite Business

Our proven methods will guide you in identifying growth opportunities and crafting a vision that inspires your team to rally behind you, propelling your business to new heights.

Cultivate a Winning Team

Learn the art of recruiting, nurturing, and retaining top-tier talent who align with your vision, allowing you to finally let go of mediocrity and revel in excellence.

Strategies for Sustainable Success

Unlock the secrets of scaling your business while maintaining work-life balance, so you can finally relish the fruits of your labor without being chained to your desk.


Some of our Brilliant Alumni...

As a trailblazing founder, owner, or executive woman leader,

you possess the innate ability to lead with authenticity, empathy, and resilience. Now, it's time to amplify those qualities and elevate your leadership to new heights with the LEAD LESSONS Exclusively for Women who lead.

This isn't a one-size-fits-all program.

Our experience with women like you informs us that, while the principles cut across industries and leadership roles, the conversations and advisement support you need is unique... Our Mentorship Calls are designed to tailor solutions that will drive real, sustainable change based on your specific leadership ecosystem.




If you aren’t completely satisfied with your investment, let us know within the first 7 days of your initial payment for a full refund. No questions asked.






YOU really, really, really believed You are THE Asset.

If someone gave you a priceless asset...

How would you treat it?

Where would you put it?

What would you think about yourself for owning it?

You, My Love, are the asset in your life.

You are priceless.


Without you, this life and business of yours doesn’t go.

But most women don‚Äôt assign themselves the title of ‚Äėasset‚Äô.

In fact, most of us fight to believe we are worthy of being seen and trusted and liked and listened to.

When we don’t believe we are the asset:

We don’t invest in ourselves, we invest in others.

We don’t care for ourselves, we care for others.

We don’t pay ourselves, we pay others.

We don’t listen to ourselves, we listen to others.

We don’t trust ourselves, we trust others…

That beautiful body-mind-spirit of yours has ignited magic into the world.



Tell me you aren’t a magical asset… and I’ll prove you wrong every-single-time. The evidence is right there… always… Because you’re here.  You exist.

So, I wonder, Gorgeous, how would you lead, love, and live differently if you truly believed that YOU are the asset in this most fantastical life experience you’re having?

Give yourself the FUTURE version of you that I know you feel and hear.

She's waiting for you to invest in YOU, today.