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The One Hour Leader Framework simplifies the vital steps you must have to build a thriving, aligned, high performing team of individuals who come together to make magic happen!

✔️ A clearly defined Promise of the business

✔️Clearly established and communicated Team Agreements

✔️Defined Roles with measurable goals

✔️An Annual Team Design

✔️A Semi-Annual Team Audit

✔️A feedback loop to keep things moving in the right direction

✔️An ecosystem where every role understands how they support the Key Result of the business and every player understands the Agreements they've made in order to be invited to join the journey (and to keep their seat for the ride).

In summary... 

A high performing team is an ecosystem that thrives with clearly defined purpose, agreements, roles, goals and feedback. 

The One Hour Leader is the playbook you need to build the team you need OR get the one you have back on track.


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📩The 44-page Template Companion includes📩:

✔️Simplified direction for each step in the One Hour Leader Framework

✔️Step-by-step fill-ins to complete each STEP of The One Hour Leader as you go

✔️Simple ChatGPT prompts to get all the information you need, specific to YOUR business 

✔️The 'cheat' codes you need to build your Framework with ease so you can focus on (re)building your team for RESULTS!

We want the One Hour Leader to be as Simple as Possible for you to Integrate. With the Templates You Will:

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2. Take a few minutes to complete each step for your team.

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4. And VIOLA! Each step will be COMPLETE and ready to implement!

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