The Kickstart: Foundations for a High-Performing Team

Wondering what the super-secret sorcery is that other people know (and you don't) about what makes great teams great? Is it just dumb luck or is there something else going on?

Well, the truth is there's always a little bit of luck in hiring. But for the most part, building a high performing team is actually quite... well... scientific.

What you'll get:

  • 7 Video Lessons and Companion, Downloadable Reflective Guides 

    • Lead w/Vision

    • Team Foundations

    • Designing Simple & Clear Roles

    • The Power of Measures for Accountability

    • Introducing the Co-Creation Org Structure

Let's eliminate the mystery and walk you through the simple decisions and practices you can implement quickly and start to make an impressive impact on your entire team. 


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