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No More Boring, Time (and Money) -Sucking Meetings

What's Inside:

1. Six Video Lessons

2. Six Downloadable Companion Reflective Guides

3. Performance Review Template

Is it time for a TIME cultural shift?

Planning meetings, review meetings, weekly stand-ups - we've all been there!

But have you ever wondered how to make these meetings effective and engaging?

Get ready, because in this clinic I share some major nuggets of SIMPLICITY!

  • Learn how to design weekly, monthly meetings, 1:1's, team retreats and so much more to drive Engaged employees to thrive when they feel like valued contributors, when their ideas, expertise, and intellect are respected and leveraged. 

  • A business Team Ecosystem where leaders provide mentorship, consistent communication and feedback and foster employees who are well-equipped, understand the importance of accountability and feel paid fairly.

Performance is entirely influenced by your engagement with your team. That doesn't mean more time... but it does require more intention.

Let's design Meetings and Reviews that MATTER!

Questions? Email: [email protected]