🌟LEAD for YOU, The Visionary Founder🌟

Hey there, Visionary Founder!

Tired of wading through generic advice that doesn't quite fit? Our program is tailored just for successful women like you so you can tap into your real leadership potential, embracing your unique strengths and feminine wisdom.

🌸 Embrace Your Strengths: No More 'Soft' Skills Disguised as Weakness 🌸

Say goodbye to the 'soft' skills myth. Your mastery of these strengths shows dedication and resilience. It's time to see them as your real assets. Empower yourself to lead confidently with qualities that make you an exceptional leader – empathy, communication, and collaboration.

💪 Thrive in Your Authentic Voice: Connect with Like-Minded Leaders 💪

Connect with women who get the challenges you face. Your brilliance, intelligence, and achievements brought you here. Together, we'll build relationships and gain insights that push you forward.

🚀 Make Your Mark, Transform the Future🚀

You've achieved alot, and now it's time to fully embrace your leadership role. Lead authentically, inspire change, and pave the way for women who follow. It's about rewriting the leadership narrative for generations to come.

🎯 Seize the Moment: Embrace True Leadership 🎯

Grab this chance to learn, grow, and redefine leadership your way. The world needs your unique perspective, and we'll amplify your impact. No more settling for cookie-cutter advice – it's about a journey that matches your vision, empowering you to lead as yourself.

Your Registration includes:

  • Access to Our Premier Digital Program with 12+ Advanced Modules
  • Modules include video lessons, Reflective Guides, and Do-Sheets for easy implementation.
  • 12 Weeks of Weekly Live Advisory Calls with proven Visionary and Executive Leadership Experts.
  • Invitations to exclusive client events and Invigorating Hawaii Retreats.
  • Ongoing support post-LEAD via our weekly live Advisory Calls.
  • Opportunity to join our VIP program w/Kris Plachy: The Sage Visionary Think Tank
  • The Founder/Owner Visionary Lead Advisory calls start on 9/6/2023 at 10AM PT. We'll meet every Wednesday for 12 weeks. All sessions are recorded for your convenience.
  • Is LEAD for Founder/Owner Visionary Leaders the right fit? If you're the Founder/Owner of your business generating a minimum of 7 figures and you have a team of FTE's or contractors, you're exactly who we're looking for.

And as you've come this far, here's the scoop – you're benefiting from Advanced Registration Pricing.

Get in Now and Embrace Your Leadership Journey, Visionary Founder!

Don't let this chance to reshape your leadership path slip away. Enroll today to unlock your authentic leadership style, connect with kindred spirits, and magnify your impact. Act fast to grab this limited-time offer before the Advanced Registration Pricing ends, securing your spot at the forefront of change. The time is now – let's start this transformational journey together!



What People Are Saying:

The biggest lesson I've learned is how to successfully create team roles that are responsible for results for the company. Prior to joining I was delegating work to anyone who was capable and had the capacity. Essentially, I was operating as the owner / entrepreneur, instead of as a CEO. Now, each team role has responsibilities and expectations, making managing my team so much easier. I also have a talent development plan for the next year and beyond. For the first time, I genuinely feel like I have control of my business and a clear path to follow for the team. I'm so grateful for this program!

Natalie Bacon

Don't wait! What Kris teaches is a game changer! It's a life changer. It's business changer. I wish I had these tools 4 years ago when I started.

Shelley Hines

This program has been a complete game-changer for me as a leader and CEO. Before starting the program, I was struggling and feeling overwhelmed. I had many ideas about quitting. As I moved through the program, I learned impactful strategies which taught me how to effectively lead my team and business. Personally, Kris's program and coaching have given me the gifts of enjoying my life, my business, and my growth and development. Kris' coaches have supported me and helped me to thrive.

Mary Miele

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