Private CEO Coaching for Elite Women Visionaries

You have everyone else's back.

You pour yourself into your business, your team, your family...

Who does the same for you? Who has YOUR back?

As an Elite Visionary you've already established the magic of turning a dream into a reality.

You're already a pro. Others seek you out as the expert in your field.

Which means you also need to surround yourself with other pros.

We are elite coaches who understand the demands of your life and business.

We coach women like you, women who've achieved extraordinary results in life and business, but still struggle with two repeating challenges:

1. Building a team that consistently and reliably delivers results.

2. Living into the freedom and joy you thought you were promised as an entrepreneur.

If you want to grow, change or improve the business, you have MUST grow, change and invest in the woman leading it.

If you want to expand your capacity for joy and freedom you have to become the woman who changes how she chooses to live.

Our signature programs change how you think about leading your business, your people and yourself.

I'm Kris Plachy.

CEO Coach to some of the most accomplished Female Entrepreneurs of our time. At this point in my life, with 30 years of leadership and transformational coaching experience, I could easily bottle it all up and just sell the 'program'.

But that's not who I am. 

I believe I'm here to have a big impact through the transformation of powerful women. 

I savor the opportunity to work with each one of my clients personally.

The women I partner with achieve 'magical' results. 

I know that there is no problem we cannot solve together.

I know that our work together will transform your life,  your business and the trajectory of both.

I have, at my finger tips, every kind of resource you need as a business founder and woman.

I have curated a refined experience for Elite Visionaries like you.

You're no cookie cutter. I will not treat you like one.

I will expect if you're who you say you are that you are ready to invest in an experience that will TRANSFORM how you think about yourself, your business, your life and your role as a leader. 

If you're ready, then we can begin. 

I'm Ready for the Next Step

The Expert Advice team you need for the complexities you face leading a business. The Advisory provides one-of-a-kind access to 1:1, personalized support for your unique challenges. Each week you'll have access to The CEO Hotline to posit a question to our experts and receive personalized and specific advice for how best to move forward.

It's private coaching without the private coaching commitment.

PLUS Advisory Members will have access to a private podcast the recounts our questions each week. It's the best of the best. Get personal help with the benefit of learning from others.


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Exclusive private, 1:1 coaching offered by Kris Plachy for women leading multi-million dollar operations. 

Kris has been and continues to be the thinking partner for highly accomplished, Elite visionaries who are changing the world.

As a woman who has developed her own path, you need a bespoke approach to solving the unique challenges you're currently facing.

Together, Kris and her clients devise a plan that includes 1:1 calls, private client think tanks, retreats and voxer connection. 

Private coaching is reserved for a limited number of clients.

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Each year, Kris leads a small group of women to her favorite location in Hawaii for a Moment to Think. The reflection, journey and time we all need to curate our own self-love, peace and rest.

The Hawaii Retreat is currently reserved for active or alumni clients only.



EXCLUSIVELY FOR CLIENTS ONLY: Learn More about The Hawaii Retreat

The business is thriving and you are not.

You hired a team and there is still no end in sight.

You're not sure if you should sell or walk away.

You and your business are experiencing massive growing pains.


Here is what I have learned in almost 30 years of studying leaders and being one myself…

You are capable of solving ANY challenge you are facing in your business. 

My specialty is infusing our clients with a level of knowing, understanding, confidence, and leadership wisdom so they can make decisions about any issues, any team member, at any time. 

It’s time to find YOUR feminine voice as a leader. 

It’s time to level up the business by up-leveling the woman running it.  

We know you're capable, but do you believe in what is possible?


There is a vital difference between the two.

One creates freedom, the other keeps you trapped.

Management is the deployment of the policies, practices and processes that deliver on the leadership vision. And the truth is, managing people is just math. That's why it's easier to 'sell' to you as a visionary than leadership. Leadership is art, not science. Leadership is an alchemy of you, them, this and that. It cannot be bottled, it must be discovered and revealed.

How you lead is unique to who you are. If you want to excel well beyond this moment and this year, it's time to invest in a partnership that will advance who you are as a leader... not just what you need to do to be a manager.

If you want to learn how to manage people just go google all the problems you're having and you'll have your answers. Management answers are simple.

Leadership solutions are complex and curated for each individual woman who leads.

I will be your guide through that discovery. But if you're looking for a quick fix, this isn't it. 

If you're looking to change your life and your business... then this... this here... that I do with my team... THIS is it.

YOU and your business are unique. We know the solutions you need are also.

The best news is that as a woman leading a successful business you founded, you aren't alone. But you are special. Your challenges and opportunities stem from the unique story of the woman you are and the vision you have.

I'm Ready for the Next Step

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you have little to no formal management training.

So figuring out how to lead your team can feel frustrating, overwhelming, and even daunting. If you know it’s time to learn how to lead and manage a high-performing team, you’ve found the perfect coach-in-a-podcast to get you there.

Each week, Leadership expert and coach, Kris Plachy, will share simple practices you can implement as a business owner and leader to improve how well you lead your team. Kris coaches women entrepreneurs leading 6, 7, and 8-figure businesses.