Chat GPT- Your New Favorite Team Member

Oct 30, 2023

AI through Chat GPT is a resource you can leverage to complete tasks you don’t want to do. It can be set up to automatically document and organize various administrative elements you’ve probably been put off doing.

Chat GPT isn’t the only one out there but it’s the one I like best. It makes things like research, content creation, policies and procedures, and so many more things much easier, especially if you find yourself mired down in detailed tasks. So let’s talk Chat GPT, you new favorite team member.

“The trick is just knowing how to ask it for what you want… Just like delegating and transferring ownership to someone on the team to get results done, you have to still get good at how you posit the request.” – Kris Plachy

What You’ll Learn

  • Complete tasks you hate
  • Create content easier
  • Assemble policies and procedures
  • Properly positing requests
  • Not about replacing people

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Well, hey, welcome to the podcast this week. This week's going to be kind of fun. I'm excited to let you know, and my clients know, that I'm going to be doing a live class on November 3rd at 10:30 about the topic that this podcast is about. So, let's get started.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Leadership is Feminine. I'm Kris Plachy, your host. And I'm thrilled that you're here. This will be a little bit more of a tools podcast, where some of mine are a lot more about philosophy and wisdom of leadership. And this one today is really more practical tools. It's born out of some very real conversations I've had with clients and Michelle over the past several months, and also some of the work that I've been doing in my own business.

Everybody knows that AI is here. Everybody knows that there's this thing on the planet and it is becoming more and more understood, as we go forward, and will continue to be. And I will say at the very beginning of this podcast that I do not profess to be a technical wizard. I am not your local AI genius, but I am a resourceful woman who doesn't like to do stuff she doesn't like to do.

And so I have found a new relationship with my amazing new employee called ChatGPT. She and I have a lovely relationship and, so far, she's actually turned out to be a very solid team member. And so what we decided as I was having a conversation with Michelle is, I think I want to do a class on this and just talk people through how I use ChatGPT now to help me and help me help my clients with some of the things that nobody really likes to do.

Like, there's a reason why you don't have a lot of the documented processes and systems and stuff that really makes up a formal organization. Because you don't like doing it, and you find it difficult to delegate it and it just gets off your radar and all the things. And so I'm going to lead a live class on November 3rd on how to use ChatGPT and AI to really become one of your best team members. And really, how to delegate a lot of the administrative elements of what you want to have, that you should have, as a part of your business that up until now, you probably have been kicking the can on.

So I'm excited to offer it. All of my current clients, whether you're a current Lead client, or you are a current advisory client, or Sage client, you're all invited to come. So you'll be getting information about it. So when you hear this, I don't want you to be worried, like, wait. You should be getting that actually before this podcast even drops.

If you're not a client and you're not on my mailing list, I would invite you to go to, and you can register for the live Zoom webinar that I'm going to be hosting on November 3rd at 10:30 in the morning Pacific time.

So what are we going to do? Here's the problem, right? The problem is there are things that I know that you need to know, or you need to get done, or you need to be have documented, or you need researched, or you need to expand your insight or information on, or not knowing on, and you just don't have a lot of time. Or you might be a content creator and you have a lot that you want to build, but you just, again, don't have time. You're not, you don't love to write. You don't have a lot of time to write.

And so for those of us who fall in any of these buckets, you're running an organization, you're running a team, or you are running a content creation practice, I think everything I'm going to talk about in the live webinar is going to be really useful to you because I actually think I'm quite smart and creative, but I also struggle. I get into a huge relationship of resistance with really heavy detail-oriented administrative tasks. I just suffer through them.

Listen, and we could argue that I should have figured out how to do that by now. I'm 53. But the truth is I haven't, and I don't want to. And so what I have done, and done well, in my lifetime is I've hired great people who are good at that. And the invention of, or the introduction of especially ChatGPT, which is my favorite tool so far.

I've tried lots of different AI tools. I'm sure that everybody will have their favorite. So I'm not here to say one is better than the other. I'm just- that's the one I use because I like it best, has added now to what I am able to do. And so, as an example, what we've created, the work that we're creating in the Lead program, Lead for Women, is based on all of my work, but we're leveraging what ChatGPT is able to do to enhance the tools and the resources that we provide within the program.

It's a way to exponentially increase the speed by which we can produce support resources for our clients without putting exponentially more time requirements on my schedule to think about, write about, and format and all of the things. Again in the webinar, I'm going to really show you what I do when it comes to content creation.

The 2nd thing is, I was working with a client the other day and she owns a salon in a state here in the U. S. and we were talking about policies and how does she put things together for policies and procedures. She's at a six-figure level in her business. So a lot of people who are at six figures, this is kind of, these are the conversations you need to start thinking about having vacation policies, maternity policies - we have a whole checklist of them - but all of the things that I know that you need to have in your- to mitigate risk for your organization, but you don't have to know what they need.

You don't have to make them all up. And in fact, I recommend that you don't. Now, if you're a big enough organization, anything that you create that's a policy or process, you've also got to make sure you talk to an attorney because there's varying degrees of accuracy with all of this process. But there is so much that you can be leveraging in terms of content. And so one of the things that she and I did just on the live coaching call that she came to with - there's a group of people that come every week.

We just put it in and we put in the questions that she had, and we watched how ChatGPT was able to give her the valuable information that she needed that she thought was elusive and hard and that she would never find, or it would take her a hundred hours to do. I've helped my clients write job descriptions. I have clients now who do everything like that through ChatGPT.

The trick is just knowing how to ask it for what you want and how to make sure that what you have is ultimately what you're looking for. So we can't just take it at face value, but we can also get really smart and we can develop our acumen for how we leverage this resource as an extension of a team member. Because just like delegating and transferring ownership to someone on the team to get results done, you have to still get good at how you posit the request.

So it's not enough to know you can do it. You have to think about, what am I asking? So we have a very, very specific flow for how to create job descriptions. And it's the recommendation that I have made to hundreds of people. And that's how we teach our clients to create a job description. Not just because you need a job description for legal reasons, but because you need to establish a job description based on the niche of the team, and team member, and type of work they're going to do, the kind of employee that you want to hire, the culture that you bring them into the results that the role is designed to complete, right? So you have to have the right questions to get the right information.

The problem with AI is everything's in there. And while that feels like amazing, it's also terrifying because if you don't ask the right question, you get a lot of junk. I can't tell you how many times I have actually gone in there and said, Hey, I want to know this. And it just spits out just blah. I'm like, Oh yeah, no, this is not what I want.

I need to invite you to be entirely more creative. And I talk to ChatGPT like it's a person. I say, hello. I say, please. I say, thank you. I talk to ChatGPT like it is literally a team member. Like, Hey, this is what I'm working on. I'm hoping you can help me out. And I have a whole dialogue with them.

Now there's so much to unpack. If you have a big research thing that you're trying to figure out, if you have practices that you don't even know how to begin outlining, you can ask it to do that for you.

So what I want to do when we get together on the 3rd is, I'm going to take recommendations from you guys, and I'm going to show you how to go through the process of asking this team member, this AI team member, to give you what you need, not to give you what it thinks you need. And that's always going to be you guys. It doesn't matter whether they're a real person or an AI. How the quality of what you receive is always in how you ask and make the request. So that's the training, right?

The tool is available to you right now. You can go right now to or whatever it is - I don't know what the actual hyperlink is, or all the others. There's lots of them Jasper and Listen Me, everybody's on the bandwagon. My iPhone is now starting to be much more AI sensitive, which in so many ways I love. It knows what words I want.

I'm in. I want to focus on relationships. I want to focus on quality. I want to focus on creativity. I do not want to focus on my process and policies manual. But I need to have one, and I need it to be right. I need the organization of my company to mitigate risk and to also foster clarity. And I know, because I have coached so many of you, that I know that doesn't exist for most of you in different parts of, or maybe the entire parts of your company. And that needs to change.

I don't think you need fancy software. I don't think you need to go get all these things that people are trying to sell you right now. You can do it all. I actually just think you need to learn how to be a leader who can make requests that drive the results that you want. And so I'm going to show you how to do that live with this instrument, with this tool.

So it'll be a very hands on workshop. As I said, I'm going to actually take requests. So if you come to this webinar, you can send you'll be able to say to me. "Hey, Kris, this is something I need. Can you show me how you would use chat to do that?"

And I will, and we're going to work on it together. So this is a hands on, let's play. Because there's too much powerful resource here. And it's become more and more illuminating to me, as I've talked to more and more of my clients, how many people are still like sitting on their hands on some things that could be done. I mean, literally in 30 seconds, 30 seconds or less. And you might instead be paying somebody $32 an hour, when that may not be necessary. And what we might want to rather do is take that $32 an hour that you're paying someone to do that and have them do this over here.

So this isn't about replacing people. This isn't about getting rid of people on the team. Cause I certainly haven't done that, but this is about emboldening and tapping into the real creativity and the brains of the people on the team and not the busy work. Busy work should be eliminated with this tool. Which, I think is a godsend for people like- if you're like me and you just can't, the weeds just drive you crazy in the business.

So I'm super excited because I think this is going to change your life. It has certainly changed mine. The way that we've been able to build the Lead program this time, compared to how we built, How to CEO three years ago, four years ago has been night and day. In terms of budget and also brain capacity, like development capacity, and that has just absolutely been heaven.

And so if you're a content creator, you're a CEO of a business, you are trying to figure out how to, you're leading, your executive vice president of a large team, and you're trying to figure out how to get a lot of the iP of the business, the way that you want people to operate on the team, the way that you want people to communicate on the team, the job descriptions that people have, the coaching forms that people are using, you name it. I know what I'm going to show you is going to change everything for you.

So if you're a current client, you're going to get the invitation. You just need to register. So we know you're coming. If you are not a client, go to, super simple, and you'll be able to access the link to register, and then we will see you live.

You have to come to this one live for me to be able to help you. If you want the replay, you're going to also have to register. So even if you can't come November 3rd at 10:30 in the morning Pacific time, you'll want to register so that you'll get the replay because we will be sending it. But it will only be get available for the weekend.

All right. So that's, this is a short podcast because I want to take busy work, icky work, time suck work, off your schedule, but I also don't want you to ignore it. So I want to help you recognize that there are resources available to you. But what we have to fine tune for you is how you make the request for what you need so that you get the results that you're looking for.

Okay. All right. I can't wait to see you on Friday, November 3rd, 10:30. Go to, get yourself registered and I'll see you then.

All right, let's talk to you next time.

Lead for Women is now open for registration. If you're a woman and you are also a visionary, somebody who sees the world differently than it is, and you are eager to achieve that through your work and by leveraging the hearts and minds of others, then I invite you to go to thevisionary.CEO/lead and learn everything you can about our Lead program.

While it's not for everyone, it really is for you if you are a woman who is ready to learn how to think better, so you can lead better, and you can live better. You have a legacy to leave here and I wanna help you leave it by enhancing and improving how you show up as a woman who leads. Join us there.

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