Hiring the COVID Candidate

Oct 11, 2021

Nearly every client I have is telling me she can’t find anyone to hire right now. Whether you’re trying to hire frontline service level personnel or more mid-level professional positions, there are specific challenges. I have solutions! You have to get into the COVID candidate brain. You've got to understand who you are attracting so that you can align. We're going to talk about some truths that will change how you hire for the better, and, I think, more simply. Join me!

What you'll find in this episode:

  1. I'm going to host a masterclass on Tuesday, October 26th on what to do when you can't hire. Go to ceohiring.com.
  2. There needs to be a change in the candidate attraction and hiring process in order for you to align with where we are today.
  3. “Your willingness to solve a problem has everything to do with your willingness to make a decision.”
  4. Homework - what is it that you haven't fully committed to? What is the decision (that you haven’t made yet) that your intuition tells you is the solution?

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Kris Plachy:  Hey, how are you? Listen, here's the thing. In typical mom, woman, c e o of fashion, I'm gonna give you a really quick podcast today on hiring. Ready? Let's go.

All right, so here's the thing. I know that a lot of you listening to this podcast are having a hard time hiring people. Nuff said and I know everybody knows that they think they know why. As is true for everything that seems to be the case in the world today. There seem to be edges, right? We, we all just get pushed to an edge that this is why this is happening and this is the only reason.

That's not true. Let's just agree there's some truth that's not being told there. We don't know all of it. All we know. I think that's true is we had a global pandemic. That basically in about March of 2020, screeched the world economy to a halt. And as a result, organizations had to pivot as fast as possible, and individuals went through rapid overwhelm, fear.

Anger, resentment, unexpected navigation, ambiguity, resilience. It happened all at the same time. And what I know came out of that, that I've seen even in my own clients is a discovery is the discovery of so much more personal information than we ever tapped into. And what I mean by that is when the circumstances outside of our lives become that we don't have any control over, become so altering in life, we can't hide from the work.

We have to do the work, right? And so what's happened as a result is we have millions and millions and millions of people who were employees before. I think that that the outside of the circumstances, what happened is this awareness. This pause and now you have a workforce that's really more deliberate than they've ever been before because they recognize they can be.

So I'm gonna do a webinar on what to do when you can't hire. Like legit, listen to me. I know that there's a lot of you who really can't hire, and I've coached women just like you every day in how a CEO program, and so I'm super excited to share with you the solutions that we are working through because everybody comes at this from a different direction.

And so if you're hiring frontline service level personnel, you have your own set of unique challenges. If you're hiring more mid-level, Professional positions your, you have your own other challenges, and so I'm gonna do host a masterclass and give you as much as I can to support you through this navigation because the one truth that I know we all have to level set here is there needs to be change in the way, let me say that differently.

There needs to be change in every part. Of the candidate attraction and hiring process for you to align with where we are today. What you did before isn't working. So now what? That, that's what I hear. It's not working. And then what I hear on the back end of that is, I can't keep working like this.

I can't keep compensating for not having enough staff. I can't keep turning away customers. I can't keep not making money. There's legitimate outcomes that are happening because we can't attract people into the open positions. It's so interesting to have, the majority of my clients who are struggling with hiring are making a lot of money.

Their business is doing well. So it's, that's really good news except. It's really hard when you can't keep up with the demand. So I, I wanted to make this as a, as a short one because I think it's really critical that you and I and everyone else don't feed the problem. The other day I did a video on my Instagram.

I posted a, a Sunday morning video, which I think was funny anyway and I was talking about. Challenges. And my lead, lead line with that is, your willingness to solve a problem has everything to do with your willingness to make a decision. So I can usually tell if you've been using an old expression that I've used for years, right?

If you've been fondling a problem for a very long time, I also know. That you are avoiding a decision. And when it comes to hiring, this is also that case that you are in the process of trying to figure something out, but there's a decision that you haven't made yet. And so what I wanna invite you to do is think about that, like what is it that I haven't fully committed to?

What is the decision that your intuition tells you is a solution? Your intuition says, if I did this, I might be able to make this happen. If I went this way, I might may be able to make this happen. If I do this, I might ma be able to make this happen. Whatever that is. I want you to think about that.

That's, that's kind of homework for this, because I think everyone who is a female entrepreneur or female founder, you have your own business and you're trying really hard right now to get the right people hired in your business and you're struggling with that, then I think you absolutely have to come to the masterclass.

That I'm teaching, like I, I don't think that's optional for you. I think you have to come and you need to come immediately. And we're gonna be offering that, I'm gonna be hosting it on Tuesday, October 26th. It's an opportunity for you to get very clear insight information that I know that I is very important for me to share with you.

And for me to share with you how the, how the CEO program is such a powerful asset for every woman who is leading a business right now. Because these are the, these are the real crucible moments that I know you're experiencing, and we work through those so that you get out and you make things happen in your business through your team.

So I'm gonna direct you to. CEO hiring.com for the masterclass. Okay. C o hiring.com. That's where you're gonna go to register and join me on October 26th for the masterclass. But in the meantime, I want you to really think about your hiring, and I want you to really think about. What's been gnawing at you and you're maybe you're afraid, maybe you're a little risk averse.

Maybe you think that's creepy and weird. Maybe you think I can't do that. Maybe you think nobody else is doing that. What is it except for quitting your business and closing the doors? That's off the table. Let's not do that part. Okay? But what is it? What is it that's really, really intuitively connecting with you, but you're, you have fear around it.

I want you to do that work. And then I want you to come to the masterclass, and then the masterclass. I'm gonna outline specifically for you what we have to understand. Just like marketing, you have to understand your avatar. You have to understand who your client is. You have to know what their problems are.

You're not, you have to get into what I'm calling the covid candidate Marine. You've gotta understand who you are attracting right now so that you can align always aligning back to your values, right? And we're gonna talk about that in this masterclass, but what is it that, what are some truths I ha absolutely are gonna drop for you.

That is, it's gonna change how you hire for the better. And I think more simply, I think we can make hiring much easier. Wouldn't that be good news? Okay. So CEO hiring.com is where you're gonna go. You're gonna come to my masterclass and you're gonna think about, okay, if I have this problem of hiring, there's probably a decision I haven't made.

And then we just have to think okay, if who's the woman who makes that decision? And what is the decision? I, women are so magical, you guys, you all are so powerful and too many women deny their own knowing. And I know, I know. I know. And I'm gonna help you know even better by giving you.

Really, really practical information and really, really powerful ways to think in a different way about hiring. Okay, CEO hiring.com. You're not gonna miss it. Have you signed up yet? All right, I'll talk to you next week. Y'all have a great afternoon, morning, evening, wherever you are.


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