Relaunching a Workforce

Nov 01, 2021

What does it take to get a population of wounded warriors to rejoin the workforce? Beyond offering more benefits and higher pay, this opportunity requires us to re-examine the work environment that we're inviting them back into.

It’s going to be up to women to change and heal the world. And as a women entrepreneur, you know that change is what we're best at. We've already built businesses out of an archaic, patriarchal model. What if this is the time for us to revolutionize the world of work?

What you'll find in this episode:

  1. During the height of quarantine, many people were functioning but not really living. What we're experiencing now is an increase of people leaving the workforce, or not returning to it, because they have a backlog of living they need to do.

  2. Workers don’t want to go back to the world that they were in before, but a lot of employers have not made any changes to how their businesses operate.

  3. Great people always want to work for great leaders and always want to work for great companies.

  4. We’re relaunching and re-inventing. And as women, we can re-create environments for work in ways that we’ve never had before and in ways that can potentially heal a wounded world. Empower yourself by asking the question: what can you create that doesn’t exist?

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 Kris Plachy: Well, hey, how are you? I think we should talk more about reinventing and revolutionizing when it comes to being female entrepreneurs, don't you? Let's talk about it.

Well, hi, first of all, I just wanna thank those of you who have shared your feedback on the podcast last week. If you follow me on social media, you'll see that I was a little nervous about posting it. Given that I said the, vaccine word and I figured I'd get censored or something. If you haven't written a podcast review and you listen to the podcast man, I would love it if you would.

It really makes a difference for more people to see and listen to or see the podcast and listen to it, which is less and less about me, and honestly, more and more about helping people find support and a voice in this mess of world that we're in. I mean, lots of great things in the world too. Don't misunderstand me, but I did.

I had one person send me a message. She's a client. Hi. You're gonna know who you are. And she She said, the world has lost their minds over this whole issue. I wish I could broadcast that podcast to the entire world. It's so simple. And I do think, that the more we can help each other sort of move through this moment, the better we can be.

And what I wanna talk with you about today is what I think about when I think about where we are. So I just did a masterclass. On hiring and what to do when hiring is hard. I don't know if the replay of that will be available as of when this releases, but if it is, you can just go to my Instagram profile, Chris at Chris or Chris at Chris Plaquey coat, and there should be a spot for you to register for the replay if it's still up.

But the point of it is though, doing just really investing and paying attention to hiring and the challenges that people have been having. Makes a lot of sense right now. And everywhere I go, I'm a, I'm aware of it, right? Whether it's my principal at school, my kids' school telling me how hard it is for them to hire, or I was in line to get my blood drawn the other day and they were talking about all the people that aren't working and it's just, I mean, it's a permeating problem.

And there's lots of articles about it, lots of conjecture, lots of. Lots of people have ideas and certainly I do too, and none of which are founded mu much truth other than any evidence I might read in terms of data. But if we just sit with where we are as a species, as a planet species, all sharing an ecosystem we we turn life off.

It doesn't mean that work stopped. I think a lot of people still man, manage their businesses. I know in my case, most of my clients stayed in business and thrived. Frankly, they found ways to do that, which is so impressive. But a lot of life stopped. So even if people were finding ways to make money, they may not have been living.

And, it's like my coach tells me I'm, I have my, I have all these numbers in my chart that, that say that I'm the. The mama, which I tend to do. I tend to be mama for people and as the mama in me sees lots of wounded warriors, lots of wounded souls, not necessarily admittedly wounded, but you can tell, right?

People are just the anger and the vitriol and the quick temper and hiding and so many mental health challenges. I mean, we really are going through it, y'all as a species. So what I see as the issue, if I had, I have a business, I'm not doing a lot of hiring, so it's not really affecting me.

And even if I was I guess I don't believe it will. And most of my clients, I should tell you guys, this is interesting. The clients whom I've had for, a year plus, let's say they're not having trouble hiring. And I've talked to a few of them about it, and it's because they just know that they can, and they hire, they're very clear and they're very consistent and they honor their process and it works.

So if you struggle with hiring and you're listening to this and you're a female entrepreneur, you really should just be in the hat of CEO program. And by the way, that registration is now open the day that you're listening to this. We are open for registration. We are going to start November 8th. And we are not going to accept new clients until the be until next year.

After this. So I think if you have a little extra cash and you're looking for another extra RI refund or a tax write off for the year, you should for sure be in, had a CEO and work with me and my team. So my point being that a lot of people kept functioning but not living. And as things change, despite the fact that we're still in a pandemic, and there's really still quite some issues with that in the world people are starting to find ways to live, right?

Football games and football. Football and football depending on where, what part of the world you're in and concerts and planes flying and people going on vacation and there's things happening. And so it's almost there's a backlog on living life. And people are trying to live more life, right? They haven't lived a lot of life, and I'm willing to bet almost everybody knows, at least one person who isn't alive anymore because of covid.

And whether you're afraid of covid or not, the truth is we've had a lot of mortality, a lot of in your face about death. Yeah. And I know a lot of people bla blame the news media. I don't know, I still think 700,000 people being dead is a problem. But nonetheless we've all been touched in a way.

It's been so front and center. And so I just think that there's been this backlog of living. Like living your life. And so if someone hated a job and figured out how to make it work, and maybe they got an unemployment in for a while, maybe they moved back in with their parents, maybe they moved in with some friends.

I don't know what people are doing. I still don't understand how people are surviving. And we also know that unemployment benefits here in the states have been cut off significantly. So that's not it. People weren't spending money either, so there's some savings. So then when we think about going back to work, Which, ew, whoever, that word is so awful, right?

You wanna go work? Not really. I wanna go play. So I think if we're now saying to people, Hey, it's time to start earning and doing the things and it has to be a reasonable trade. And so I think we have this failure to launch problem. We have people who don't wanna launch back in to.

The world that they were in before, but I don't think a lot of employers have changed the gig. And so if you're still offering the same jobs at the same pay, at the same hours, with the same schedule, with the whatever, if you haven't made changes to what you're doing, it wouldn't surprise me that you're not attracting great people.

So one of the things I said in the masterclass is, have you taken a minute to ask yourself, do the people that I want to attract into my business want me, want us, want my business? Am I, are we appealing to them? So in the spirit of reinvention and in the context of the circumstance we're in where there's a lot of openings and not as many candidates, I think we have a failure to launch.

We have people who are just not ready because they've changed what matters to them has changed, but so much of the world of work hasn't, and they don't want to. They don't wanna do it anymore. And so as female entrepreneurs, this is the question I ask because of course I think that you are all magical and I think it's gonna be up to the women.

To change the world. To heal the world. I think that's our jam, y'all. If you're an entrepreneur right now with a business that hires people, you're here for a reason. And so you can either lean into that and be empowered by what you could possibly create. What could you create? It doesn't exist.

That would be delightful for potential employees. And I think too many people think it's about money. And sure, there's a ticket everybody has. There's a great book by Dan Pink called Drive. There's a surprising truth about motivation. It's a really good one. And there's also a Ted Talk about it. I'd recommend both.

I know Ted Talks 18 minutes. It's a lot faster than the book, but. He, he did, they did all sorts of studies on money and really there are, there's like food on the table, money that everybody has that figure. So for you it might be 50 grand. For someone else, it's 80 grand. For someone else it's 5 million, right?

Everybody has their thing. But money doesn't motivate is what they found beyond a certain point. But that's all people have to argue with is the money. It's very tangible. It's a very easy thing. What I, but if I have a great culture and I get to work with friends and I get to work with people that I trust and I have respect for, and I have a boss that I really enjoy and that really enjoys me and I'm fed and supported emotionally, intellectually.

People aren't gonna quibble over $3 an hour. And I think that's where you have a tremendous opportunity as a woman to allow yourself to hear and see and pay attention to what's happening. I do believe female entrepreneurs can change the world of work. We built businesses, ladies out of an archaic model.

We built businesses based on a system. That's been in place for hundreds of years that was created by men, right? And so what if this is the time to change it? What if it could be totally different? What would it be? What is that thing? It's like my coach said to me today, when as soon as you have a new desire, They immediately enters in, these are not her words, these are, this is my interpretation.

But once you have a really clear new desire that you wanna create, it's also as complimented by some breakdown and destruction in order to make space for the new desire. And I do think we have that opportunity right now. We're all coming out of this fog and this ambiguity. And the only thing that's certain that was certain to folks for so long was home, family that you lived with, right?

Like this little world that people got put into. And so now to invite them out of it, it just seems like it has to be worth it. And great people always wanna work for great leaders and they always wanna work for great companies. Always, that's not market specific. That's just happening all the time. And so as a woman, I just want you to look at the business system you've created.

Is it what you would want? As a leader you can change it, you could do things differently, and I don't think there's ever been a better time to do it. To be interesting, unique, to have that one offer on the street for a candidate that nobody else can rival, because it's just so unique. And I think as women, if we think about our roles as having some responsibility to relaunch people, to create environments that people can feel safe and seen, find joy.

Reward purpose. It doesn't matter what your business is. I think it all matters. Everything people do matters or you wouldn't pay 'em for it. And if you don't know why their position matters, you shouldn't be paying for it. So how about we think about the fact that we're relaunching. And we're reinventing.

And as women, we can recreate environments for work in ways that we never have had before and maybe ways that could possibly heal Pretty wounded world right now. One that's eager though an eager world to get back to it. And if you haven't, Already since you've been listening to this, decided to join how to CEO so that you can radically transform who you are as a woman and who you are as a leader, and build a high performing team and change the relationship you have with your business and find days off that you've never had before and find a little more self-care, and make more money and work less.

I think you should totally do it. Go to how to c o, how to ceo Learn everything you need to learn, and then let's work together. We start the week of November 8th. Talk to you soon.

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