SEPTEMBER 20-23, 2024

We won’t be indoors.

We won’t be getting dressed up.

Bathing suits and beach towels are required.

Flip flops are the shoes of choice.

And there will be no flip charts, PowerPoints, or other technology.

In fact, cellphones are turned off and left behind.

It’s a little tough to explain how amazing this magical and miraculous time is we share, but I will do my best…


Sitting by the ocean covered in the shade of the tropical pines.

Feeling the sand under your feet.

Hearing and seeing the waves as we do powerful, grounding work.

Smelling the salt air and feeling a warm breeze touched by sea spray.

Reflecting on you as a woman, a partner, a business owner, a parent, and… well… a gorgeous human with dreams, ideas, goals, insights and wisdom that are eager to be unlocked from the day-to-day comings and goings of living a busy life.

All while being with women who are real… authentic… honest and equal parts vulnerable and supportive.

If anything has come from our collective experience this past year, it is a deep knowing that we all need time to plug into the source of wisdom and knowing that I believe can only be truly experienced when you visit the wave’s whispers and listen to what she has to say.


What you need to know…

How much free time will we have?

The retreat will last approximately 5 hours each day, leaving you plenty of time to rest, relax, and enjoy the island.

What is included?

I will provide you with a wisdom gathering materials, beach chairs, lunch and an elegant, hosted beachside dinner.

Where can I stay?

The Turtle Bay Resort hotel is STUNNING and there are also many condos in the area to choose from. You can learn more at or (look up Turtle Bay Resort for villa rentals of all sizes and nightly rates)

DON'T FORGET: I expect the beach chairs to go quickly. (They usually do.)


SEPTEMBER 20-23, 2024