The Proven Method 7-Figure Female Founders Use to Build a Team that Gets Results 


Become a Woman Who Only Asks... ONCE.

Listen to me.

I get it.

I know how hard it is to find great team members who check all the boxes...

  • They work hard

  • They don't need to be chased, reminded or micromanaged to get their jobs done

  • They take direction and do it right the first time

  • They can figure out what to do without constantly asking you questions

  • You trust them

  • And you actually ... maybe even kind of... have some FUN!

You've already done so much of the 'hard' part.

You've taken an idea and turned it into a million dollar, revenue making BUSINESS. (C'mon! That's some serious brilliance already!)

Then 'they' told you, you need to hire a team.

So you did.

And DAYHUM if that hasn't turned out to be so-much-more-complicated than starting a company from scratch!

I understand. My clients and I have all said at one point or another... "If it wasn't for the managing people part of running my business, it wouldn't be so difficult!"

I have been you.

I've fallen out of love with my business. Wanted to fire everyone. And maybe even fantasized about mowing the golf course lawns in Hawaii. 

I've had a vision, built it as far as it could go on my own and then felt the loss of control - utter frustration and helplessness - that comes when you hire other people and watch your 'baby' of a business turn into a confusing, messy, complex thing that you no longer recognize.

After my 30+ years of suffering my own team challenges, coaching and developing leaders who reported directly to me, and advising and training thousands of leaders across the globe, I can assure you I have absolutely simplified building, fixing, or rebuilding a team that WILL deliver the vision of your million dollar business. 


Well.. the best news is that The One Hour Leader is THE Framework that teaches you exactly what to do to be more than sure you're inviting the right people into the right roles while being crystal clear about what you expect and what will happen if they don't deliver. 

✔️Become the woman, who leads a team that she only has to ask once... and sometimes, you won't even have to ask anymore.

✔️Become the woman who experiences the freedom and magic that comes from having an awesome team.

✔️Become the woman with more time to yourself. Get out of the day-to-day weeds of your business operations. Lead instead of DO. And build the business instead of just keeping your head above water!

The One Hour Leader will show you the EXACT steps to follow to design your own high performing, self-directed team for your million dollar business. 

The One Hour Leader works.


Join 100's of Female Founders Who've Followed My Framework and Revolutionized Their Teams, Doubled and Tripled Their Business Size AND Radically Changed their Lives!


I created The One Hour Leader because I want to transform how women feel about being leaders.

Let's be honest.

As far as Founder/Executive/CEO roles, women are still relatively new. In just the past 50 years, we've been witness to (and beneficiaries of) the exponential growth of women in influential, independent leadership roles.

But most of the team leadership methods taught in most meeting rooms, hotel banquet rooms, and digital classrooms are remnants of tired, archaic leadership philosophies that have been around since ... well... forever.

You can lead on your own terms, as a woman, who is strong, competent, confident AND graceful, elegant and feminine. No, that doesn't mean soft.. but it can, if you'd like it to.

Because building a high performing team has nothing to do with how TOUGH you are and has everything to do with how courageous and consistent you are.


Despite what the 'experts' want you to believe.

In fact, here are the vital steps you must have to build a thriving, aligned, high performing team of individuals who come together to make magic happen!

✔️ A clearly defined Promise of the business

✔️Clearly established and communicated Team Agreements

✔️Defined Roles with measurable goals

✔️An Annual Team Design

✔️A Semi-Annual Team Audit

✔️A feedback loop to keep things moving in the right direction

✔️An ecosystem where every role understands how they support the Key Result of the business and every player understands the Agreements they've made in order to be invited to join the journey (and to keep their seat for the ride).

In summary... 

A high performing team is an ecosystem that thrives with clearly defined purpose, agreements, roles, goals and feedback. 

The One Hour Leader is the playbook you need to build the team you need OR get the one you have back on track.


I've made it even easier to implement The One Hour Leader!


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Girl, I know you didn’t start a business so you could ‘employ people’.

But here you are, spending most of your time dealing with team drama, issues, and disappointments.

What I know you want...

A team of people you can count on… who do their damn jobs, who don’t cause drama with and for you or others.

I want every woman who’s leading a team to know what to do no matter what happens with the team.

I want you to know building a team doesn’t have to be so darn hard.

I want you to know you’re not destined to stay in the constant emotional and overwhelming spin of poor results with unreliable and disappointing hires.

How do I know this?

Because if you’re a Female Founder with a business, building a high performing team is the gauntlet we all must go through.

There is no avoiding it.

But nearly all Female Founders have little to no team management experience or training.

This is a collective problem.

What I mean is…if you hate your team and regularly want to fire them, run away from them or quit the damn thing because of them… you are not alone!

Never fear! The One Hour Leader Framework is here!! Get the bundled Book, with the Template Companion, while it's available!.

Both perfectly simplified and designed for the busy woman who leads!