You stopped...

    • bending over backward to please others?
    • second-guessing every move you make?
    • getting caught up in unnecessary drama?
    • giving a damn about others' opinions?
    • feeling guilty for your well-deserved success?

    Imagine the quality of sleep you'd finally get.

    How much more fun you could have.

    And most importantly, think about the endless possibilities that would open up if you broke free from the confines of rules you never even agreed to in the first place.

    I'm here to help you break through the emotional barriers, societal pressures, and pesky interpersonal obstacles that are holding you back from creating a team that delivers your million dollar business' dream.

    I'll teach you how to tackle any business challenge, team drama, or decision in just one hour flat.

    And trust me, this isn't just about saving time and money. Our work is truly about shattering the tired, insidious systems that smother too many women, like you, into believing you aren't suited for or just aren't good at 'the people part' of the business YOU CREATED!

     I want you to know something...

    Every Million Dollar Business Female Founder I've worked with starts with me because she feels one or all of the following... 


    ✔️Fears letting others down.

    ✔️Feels guilt about her wealth, success and/or lifestyle.

    ✔️Has paralyzing discomfort with addressing poor performance.

    ✔️Fears confrontation.

    ✔️Questions her own expectations.

    ✔️Feels guilt if she asks others to do more work even if she's drowning.

    ✔️ Is afraid employees will think she's mean when she holds people accountable.

    ✔️People pleases others and forsakes her own needs.

    ✔️Is physically and/or emotionally exhausted and depleted.

    ✔️Is lonely.

    ✔️Feels helpless or powerless in solving many of her team issues.

    ✔️Wonders if she's really cut out for leading a team.

    ✔️Wonders if she should quit, sell or hire someone else to lead it.

    ✔️Be demure.

    ✔️Be passive.

    ✔️Be pretty and feminine.

    ✔️Be loving and nurturing.

    ✔️Be nice.

    ✔️Build and keep a beautiful home.

    ✔️Put family first.


    ✔️Remember men rule the roost.

    ✔️Just don’t have a brain for business.

    ✔️Are emotional.

    ✔️Crack under pressure.

    ✔️Successful women emasculate men.

    ✔️Never outthink a man.

    ✔️If you get too strong or too successful, a good man won't want you.

    ✔️Successful women are intimidating.

    ✔️Marrying a rich man gives you status.

    ✔️Becoming a rich woman makes you masculine.

    ✔️Successful women aren’t sexy.

    ✔️Women who lead are bad mothers.

    ✔️Women who lead with strength are bitches.

    ✔️Women who speak honestly are aggressive, cold bitches.

    ✔️Women working outside of the home have ruined the American family and kids.

    ✔️Men married to strong women are weak.

    ✔️Women with boundaries are difficult.

    ✔️It's dangerous to be too bold as a woman.

    ✔️Successful women make people feel uncomfortable.

    ✔️If you're successful as a woman you need to work harder to make sure people like you.

    ✔️Wealth belongs to men and women just get to enjoy it (as long as they earn their keep😉).

    ✔️Rich women are bad women.

    ✔️Being wealthy makes you mean.

    ✔️Women shouldn’t brag.

    ✔️Over-confident women are unattractive.

    ✔️Strong and powerful women are unlovable

    ✔️Sensitivity makes you weak.

    ✔️Women gather at parties over here and talk about kids… men gather at parties over there and talk about sports, business and money.

    I've been a studying and practicing leader for over 30 years. 

    I've coached brand new leaders and CEO's leading billion dollar businesses.

    To put it simply, I really do know there's nothing you can bring to our conversations that I won't be able to help you solve

    And there's a core truth I operate from that makes that possible.

    But since we've likely just met, I want you to know this most of all.

    Achieving exceptional results as a Female Founder who leads a team hinges on your willingness to invest in two foundational elements: a consistent, repeatable, leadership framework and a profound understanding of human behavior.

    Among these, the pivotal aspect is investing in a deep comprehension and awareness of your own behavior.

    This self-mastery enables you to steer your business and life according to your own principles and goals.

    By prioritizing self-awareness and behavioral management, you empower yourself to lead more effectively, ensuring that your actions and decisions align with your vision and values.

    In other words...

    Our social norms haven’t figured out how to foster brave, outspoken, confident, powerful and wildly successful women.

    Not as a standard but only as the exception.

    But millions of women are breaking tired patterns and building queendoms of their own.

    And yet... 

    Despite how many of us there are... and how many of us are leading multi-million dollar businesses, an unacceptable number of us lack confidence, competence and courage as leaders. Because we face resistance in our attempts to garner it.

    ...Resistance from your family at home.

    ...Resistance from your parents.

    ...Resistance from friends.

    ...Resistance from your communities, churches, schools, and colleagues…

    Despite the resistance you feel, the very real truth is that if you want to lead with competence, confidence and courage, you MUST choose to believe in the possibility that you can. This IS YOUR FIRST STEP. 

    We assume WE have a problem ...

    that something must be wrong with us to struggle with people issues in our business...

    But there is nothing wrong with US... there are only invisible limitations we've been boxed into ... 

    And we haven't really even ever noticed... It's just been easier to blame ourselves for being weak, too sensitive or too impatient to figure out how to deal with the people part of running a business. 

    No one 'learns how to be a good leader.'

    We've all been fooled by hundreds of years of institutional BS and, dare I say, trickery! The idea that some people are just able to LEARN HOW TO LEAD... while others must suffer and toil with their inadequate 'skills'. 


    But... Beautiful Founder...This is such-good-news for YOU and ME and everyone else struggling to deal with leading humans.

    In a world where the echoes of outdated norms still try to dictate our worth,

    you've stood strong, building not just a business, but a legacy. Yet, the journey of leadership is often a solitary one, riddled with hidden traps set by centuries of skewed power dynamics. The One Hour Leader is more than a program—it's a movement. A movement toward embracing your innate power, shedding the weight of imposed limitations, and leading with a heart full of courage and a spirit unbound.

    Your experiences, your struggles—they're not isolated incidents. They're chapters of a collective narrative that's long overdue for a rewrite. The One Hour Leader confronts these not as individual failings but as systemic challenges that we, together, can transcend. 

    The One Hour Leader program reveals the Six Vital Pillars that become the construct you've been missing to give you the clarity you seek. 

    At the heart of our program is the belief that true leadership begins with self-leadership. This is about embracing your power, making decisions with confidence, and leading with courage — on your own terms. You need a proven framework in order to begin.

    THEN we can partner to help you define the terms you choose on purpose for how you want to lead in your business and in your life. You're not just learning to lead — you're redefining what leadership means for women in business. 

    Vision & Promise

    Define a compelling vision and promise for your business, setting the stage for everything you and your team will achieve together.

    Principles & Values

    Articulate and uphold the principles and values that align team behavior & interactions, fostering a culture of integrity and alignment.

    Roles & Goals

    Empower your team with clarity so they know what's expected, how to win and what their part is in realizing the vision and promise.

    Consistent Feedback

    Say what needs to be said, to anyone on the team, when it needs to be said. Courageous feedback fuels ownership.

    The Re-Offer

    Recalibrate expectations with all team members to ensure mutual understanding of performance standards and results.

    Accountability Conversations

    Consistent process & practice to highlight your A-players and ensure poor results or issues get the better of anyone.

    Each one of these Six Pillars are found not in "Leadership Skills" but within your personal development of Competence, Confidence and Courage.

    The One Hour Leader stands out as a "do" program, designed with the understanding that you're a busy woman leading a successful company. We know your time is precious, and that's why this program is structured to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

    Together, in our live calls, we will not just talk about the steps you need to take; we'll actively walk through them, one by one. Each session is a deep dive into creating and refining the Six Vital Pillars of your leadership and business strategy—right there and then.