Executive Coaching with Michelle Arant

If you're here, you're probably asking yourself if you'll ever stop feeling frustrated, annoyed, overwhelmed, and/or just plain tired. The day-to-day responsibility of leading and getting results from your team is wearing on you. You're not sure if it's them or you. 

But you're here.

You're choosing to be successful even when it's hard.

We're here, too. . .to meet you where you are and provide support, coaching and tools that will help you lead your team.

When you can manage any employee on any problem any time, you feel confident, successful and more productive on a daily basis.

We combine live, 1:1 coaching with The Manager Formula (for non-business owners) or How to CEO (for business owners), a 12-module, digital leadership and management training course. Content included:

  • The Leadership Lens: Mindfulness and Awareness as keys to leadership success
  • The Manager’s Mind: Understanding how the thoughts we think impact our behaviors and results.
  • Setting Expectations: How to be clear so team members succeed.
  • Key Performance Indicators: Designing clear performance measures that help team members win.
  • Accountability: Understanding the HOW and WHY of accountability practices as a leader.
  • Setting up your 1:1 Practice: Designing a practice that ensures consistent feedback, connection and performance review with team members.
  • Coaching Algebra: Properly diagnose why performance gaps occur and how to remedy them quickly.
  • How to Coach: Seven steps to coach any employee on any performance issue.
  • Giving Feedback: A unique, simple approach that teaches leaders what really matters when we give feedback to the team.
  • Managing Difficult People: How to address performance gaps in both production and behavior.
  • Leading Teams Through Change: Understand how human beings process change and how best to tap into that knowledge to help organizations move through change more quickly and intact.

We'll partner with you in our 12-week coaching program, focusing on the key areas you need. Each week will be customized for you and the specific area you want to develop more. 

What's included?

  • Twelve-week program with 6 coaching sessions;  we'll meet two times per month for 45 minutes via Zoom.
  • You can record all calls to review later.
  • All video and workbook content for life.
  • Coaching with a Master Certified Leadership Coach who can help you solve your toughest team issues so you can enjoy work again and get more done.


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Michelle Arant is a former Chief Operations Officer of an online training company, business owner, online college professor, wife, mom, daughter, and friend. She and Kris Plachy met many years ago when Michelle was going through her Coach Certification program and also wanted to improve her own leadership practices as a COO.  Over time, Michelle transitioned from being Kris' client, to joining Kris' Leadership Coach Certification program and learned all of the unique tools now shared in The Manager Formula.

Michelle is an unparalleled master certified coach in her field with a keen level of insight, intuition and experience that brings a powerful coaching experience and RESULTS to all of our clients!